Cultural Interactions in Turkey with Serif Yenen

Şerif Yenen is a Turkish travel specialist, travel writer, tourist guide and film-maker.

He wrote “Turkish Odyssey” in English, the “first guidebook of Turkey ever written by a Turk”. He is the producer, director and writer of Istanbul Unveiled, an award-winning travel documentary with eight international awards.
Serif gives lectures in the US and Turkey about travel in Turkey, Turkish history and culture. The majority of his lectures are in academic communities. His guidebooks are used as textbooks or are on suggested reading lists at various universities, and his articles and columns are published in international magazines and national newspapers.

Serif is a travel specialist about Istanbul and Turkey with a field experience of more than 25 years in travel business. As a travel advisor he can help you plan your trip, organise a trip for you or travel with you as a guide to have unique experiences in Istanbul or Turkey.

Serif was also asked to give guiding services to VIPs like celebrities and business people among whom are Pope Benedict XVI, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. George Friedman, Matt Lauer and Lester Holt (Today Show), etc.

“All travelers are tourists but not all tourists can be travelers. To be a traveler you need to go beyond the regular, mix with locals and immerse into the local culture.” These are Serif’s own words and they represent his philosophy on travel.

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