Photo Album

Photo album of Serif Yenen, a Turkish tour guide, travel agent, guidebook writer, international speaker-lecturer, instructor and travel destinations consultant. Şerif Yenen has a very large photo collection as a result of all the work he has done throughout his long professional life. It is possible to share only a small part of it here. As a tour guide, Serif Yenen has many photographs taken while showing his guests, giving lectures or presentations on a subject, or during programs on TV screens.

Serif Yenen's Photo Album

Şerif Yenen, a leader in the Turkish travel industry, is primarily known for his famous English book “Turkish Odyssey”. Serif Yenen has also authored numerous other guidebooks (Quick Guide Publishing) that showcase his deep knowledge of Turkey’s rich history, culture and travel destinations.
Serif’s guidebooks are not only popular with travelers, but are also used as textbooks or recommended reading material at various universities. His extensive and insightful writings have earned him a reputation as a trusted authority on Turkish travel and culture.