Who is Serif Yenen?

So now let’s get to know who is Şerif Yenen?

  • Who is Serif Yenen: Şerif Yenen (born in 1963) is a Turkish tour guide, travel agent, guidebook writer, international speaker-lecturer, instructor and travel destinations consultant.
  • As a trailblazer in the Turkish travel industry, Serif has authored the renowned book “Turkish Odyssey” in English, which is hailed as the “first guidebook of Turkey ever written by a Turk.” This groundbreaking work has earned him widespread recognition and acclaim. In addition, Serif has penned numerous other guidebooks (Quick Guide Publications), showcasing his in-depth knowledge of Turkey’s rich history, culture, and travel destinations.
  • Serif’s guidebooks are not only popular among travelers, but also utilized as textbooks or recommended reading material at various universities. His comprehensive and insightful writings have earned him a reputation as a trusted authority in the field of Turkish travel and culture.

Who is Serif Yenen and what are his awards?

  • Serif’s articles and columns have been published in international magazines and national newspapers.
  • He has also made a mark as a producer, director, and writer of the acclaimed travel documentary “Istanbul Unveiled”, which has received eight international awards.
  • Yenen, a distinguished Smithsonian lecturer, has delivered numerous captivating presentations at the Smithsonian Institution. His areas of expertise include the ancient civilizations of Anatolia, Turkish history, culture, and travel. He has also been invited to share his knowledge at esteemed international academic communities, such as Boston University and Penn Museum, among others. who is serif yenen
  • As a part-time instructor, Yenen has taught an array of engaging lessons on the Cultural Heritage of Turkey, Travel Writing & Blogging, Anatolian Civilizations, and Tourist Guiding at both Bilgi and Boğaziçi Universities for several years. His passion for sharing his expertise in these areas has been evident through his dynamic teaching style and commitment to educating students on the rich cultural heritage and history of Turkey.
  • With over three decades of experience in the Turkish travel industry, Serif is a seasoned travel executive who manages his own travel agency, duly registered with the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Who is Serif Yenen and What is His Expertise?

  • His specialization lies in organizing high-end tours, private tours, excursions, sightseeing trips, holidays, and off-the-beaten-path adventures in Istanbul and throughout Turkey.
  • Who is Serif YenenSerif’s expertise extends to designing and arranging various types of tours, meetings, conventions, incentives, destination wedding and honeymoon arrangements in any part of Turkey.
  • His impeccable services have been sought after by VIPs, celebrities, and businesspeople, including Pope Benedict XVI, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. George Friedman, Matt Lauer, Lester Holt (Today Show), and many others, who have relied on his guiding services.
  • Continuing his passion for providing signature tours with a focus on culture, history, and culinary experiences, Serif also holds a membership in Chaine des Rotisseurs, showcasing his passion for food.
  • In addition to his exceptional work in the travel industry, Serif actively shares his knowledge and experiences through his vibrant YouTube channel, which features captivating videos on various interesting topics: https://www.youtube.com/SerifYenen ↗
  • Through his diverse range of talents and accomplishments, Serif continues to share his deep-rooted passion for Turkey’s culture, history, and travel experiences with a global audience, leaving a lasting impact in the realm of travel literature and media.
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