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Private Guides of EuropeThe best private guides from various European countries came together and formed a network called Private Guides of Europe. Serif Yenen is a proud member of this network.

Private Guides of Europe ↗ network is made up of a carefully curated, hand-picked selection of exclusive tour guides from many countries across Europe.

Who is Private Guides of Europe

Private Guides of Europe ↗ network connects mindful travellers with the very best private guides to provide unmatched quality, and deliver unforgettable experiences.

Private Guides of Europe ↗ are committed to quality, and driven by passion. These characteristics, coupled with a dedication to a holistic travel experience, marks Private Guides of Europe as truly remarkable. Each and every private guide’s motivation extends far beyond merely ticking off highlights from a preordained list.

Country Representatives of Private Guides of Europe

Wienguide Private Tours (Peter & Friends) ↗

Sunshine Guides

Insiders Travel Experiences ↗

Eagle Travel

Dolça Lafarque

Discover Istanbul & Turkey with Serif Yenen


Private Guides of Europe

Serif loves BGD (Birlikte Gezen Dostlar) too.

How Private Tourist Guides Work

Private Guides of Europe – PGE are individuals who provide personalized and tailored tour experiences to small groups or individual travelers. They offer in-depth knowledge, insights, and local expertise about a particular destination, ensuring that tourists have a more engaging and immersive travel experience.

Here’s how private tourist guides typically work:

  1. Customized Tours: Private tourist guides create tours that cater to the specific interests, preferences, and needs of their clients. These tours can cover a wide range of topics, including history, culture, architecture, food, nature, and more.
  2. Booking: Travelers interested in hiring a private tourist guide usually reach out in advance to book their services. This can be done through various channels, such as travel agencies, online platforms, or recommendations from friends and family.
  3. Initial Consultation: Once a booking is confirmed, the private tourist guide may conduct an initial consultation with the clients to understand their interests, preferences, and any special requirements. This helps them tailor the tour itinerary accordingly. Private Guides of Europe – PGE
  4. Creating Itinerary: Based on the information gathered during the consultation, the private guide designs a personalized itinerary. The itinerary may include popular tourist attractions, hidden gems, local experiences, and recommended restaurants or shops.
  5. Meeting Point: On the day of the tour, the private guide meets the clients at a predetermined location, usually the starting point of the tour. This could be a hotel, a landmark, or any other convenient spot.
  6. Guided Tour: The guide then leads the clients through the planned itinerary, providing detailed explanations, historical context, and interesting anecdotes about the places visited. They may use a combination of storytelling, visual aids, and other interactive elements to engage the travelers.
  7. Flexibility: Private tourist guides often have the flexibility to adjust the tour based on the clients’ interests and pace. If clients wish to spend more time at a particular site or skip something that doesn’t interest them, the guide can accommodate these requests.
  8. Local Insights: One of the main benefits of hiring a private guide is their local knowledge. They can provide insights that are not easily accessible through guidebooks or online resources. This can include information about local customs, traditions, and off-the-beaten-path locations.
  9. Interaction: Private Guides of Europe – PGE encourage interaction and questions from their clients, creating a more engaging and interactive experience. Travelers can ask questions, seek recommendations, and delve deeper into the destination’s culture.
  10. Enhanced Experience: Private guides can enhance the overall travel experience by providing context and deeper understanding of the places visited. They can also assist with language barriers, local customs, and navigation.
  11. Duration and Cost: The duration of a private tour can vary, ranging from a few hours to a full day or even multiple days. The cost of hiring a private guide varies based on factors such as the destination, the duration of the tour, and the guide’s expertise.
  12. Feedback: At the end of the tour, clients often provide feedback to the private guide. Positive feedback can contribute to the guide’s reputation and business, while any constructive criticism helps them improve their services.

Private tourist guides play a crucial role in enhancing travelers’ experiences by offering personalized and insightful tours that go beyond the surface of a destination.