A travel writer is someone who explores various destinations and cultures, as Serif Yenen does, and then writes about his experiences, insights and observations for publications such as magazines, newspapers, blogs, guidebooks and online platforms. Serif Yenen’s publications are available at Amazon.com ↗.

Turkish Odyssey from Travel Writer

While working as a tour guide, Serif Yenen (Travel Writer) published his first guidebook, Turkish Odyssey in English in 1997. Turkish Odyssey is the first guidebook of Turkey written by a Turk, so it gives insights into the culture that only a local can provide. Serif wrote it in English, but it was later published in German, Turkish and Italian. Turkish Odyssey has been used as textbooks or is on suggested reading lists at various universities. He is currently working on the fifth edition of the book.

www.turkishodyssey.com website CD-ROM

He published the content of his book on Internet under www.turkishodyssey.com (1997), the content and the design of his Turkish Odyssey website gained attention in the media and won many awards.

He published the multimedia version of the same work as a CD-ROM in 2001.


When he was elected as an Executive Board Member of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (2003 – 2007), he became the editor-in-chief of the Guidelines Internetion@l Magazine.


During the time when he (Travel Writer) was the President of the Istanbul Tourist Guides’ Guild (IRO) 2002-2015 and the Federation of Turkish Tourist Guide Associations (TUREB) 2002 – 2013, he was in charge of publishing vocational and promotional magazines like Crossroads, Heritage, Rehber Dünyası and IRO Bülten.

His articles and columns are published in national and international magazines like The Guide Istanbul, The Gate, Heritage, Oryx, etc.


Yenen regularly wrote a weekly column in the Mediterranean supplement of the Turkish newspaper Akşam between 2006 and 2009 under the heading A Tourist Guide’s Perspective.

Quick Guide Istanbul

Travel Writer’s second guidebook was the 500-page Quick Guide Istanbul. This is a pocket size guide with maps, illustrations, photos and a lot of practical information. Special editions were made and published for Istanbul 2010 Cultural Capital and Turkish Airlines. Almost every year it is updated and published.

Quick Guide Pamphlets

Serif started his “Istanbul”, “Culture” and “Turkey” series of his Quick Guide Pamphlets. These are user friendly and informative fold-out pamphlets of museums, monuments and cultural highlights. They have been produced with many illustrations, plans, great photos and a lot of condensed and simplified information. This is an ongoing project with 18 pamphlets produced so far, with new titles in future.

Illustrated Maps

Another ongoing project that Serif is carrying out is the illustrated maps of Istanbul and Turkey.

Another new project is Children’s Culture Books. This is also an onoing project with the first book “Topkapi Palace” ready to go.

Istanbul Unveiled

Serif Yenen has produced a new travel documentary film on Istanbul: Istanbul Unveiled. The film has won nine international festival awards so far. He has also started showing the film in different countries, at museums, embassies, clubs, and other venues. After showing the film to his audience, he is happily taking part in a Q & A session about Istanbul and Turkey. These events are becoming very popular and you might like to arrange one for your area.

A Travel Minute in Turkey with Serif Yenen

Serif’s making Weekly Video Clips as well. With his field experience of almost 30 years in Turkish travel, Serif is telling about places of Interest in 2-minute video clips. These videos are great. They consist of the most striking facts.

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He is also a blog writer. In addition to his own blog site, he writes also for other blog sites.

Serif’s Publications at Amazon.com

Serif Yenen’s publications are available at Amazon.com ↗.

Who is Travel Writer?

A travel writer is an individual who explores various destinations and cultures and then writes about their experiences, insights, and observations for publications such as magazines, newspapers, blogs, guidebooks, and online platforms. Their primary goal is to provide readers with engaging and informative content that helps them understand a particular place, its attractions, local customs, food, history, and overall atmosphere. Travel writers often strive to convey the essence of a destination and inspire readers to explore the world themselves.

Here’s a breakdown of what travel writers do:

  1. Research and Exploration: Travel writers embark on journeys to different locations, whether they are cities, countries, or remote regions. They research their destinations beforehand to have an understanding of what to expect and what to focus on during their travels.
  2. Experiencing the Destination: Travel writers immerse themselves in the culture and activities of the place they are visiting. They explore attractions, try local foods, interact with residents, and participate in local customs and events.
  3. Observation and Note-taking: During their travels, travel writers take extensive notes about their experiences, observations, feelings, and interactions. They jot down details about the environment, people, landmarks, and anything else that could be relevant to their writing.
  4. Photography: Many travel writers also take photographs to accompany their articles. High-quality images help readers visualize the destinations and experiences being described.
  5. Writing: The heart of a travel writer’s job is the actual writing process. They use their notes and experiences to craft engaging narratives that capture the essence of the destination. This involves creating descriptive prose, conveying emotions, and providing practical information.
  6. Storytelling: Travel writers often weave personal anecdotes and stories into their writing to make their pieces more relatable and engaging. They might share moments of humor, reflection, or challenges they faced during their journey.
  7. Providing Information: Travel writers offer practical information such as accommodation options, transportation details, local customs, safety tips, and advice on how to navigate the destination effectively.
  8. Creating Guides: Some travel writers create guidebooks that provide comprehensive information about a particular destination. These guides can be helpful resources for travelers planning their trips.
  9. Pitching and Publishing: Travel writers need to pitch their ideas and completed articles to editors at publications. Once accepted, their articles are published in magazines, newspapers, websites, or blogs.
  10. Influence and Inspiration: Successful travel writers have the ability to inspire readers to explore new places, cultures, and experiences. They can influence travel trends and impact tourism to various destinations.

In essence, travel writers act as storytellers, cultural ambassadors, and information sources for individuals seeking to learn about and explore the world around them. Their work not only informs but also entertains and inspires readers to broaden their horizons and embrace the diversity of the global landscape.