Istanbul City Plan by Serif Yenen

Istanbul City Plan was prepared by Serif Yenen. This magnificent map, which contains very useful information and illustrated with beautiful visuals, will be very useful when visiting Istanbul.

Istanbul City Plan with Illustrations (2012) by Serif Yenen

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  • Fold-out map
  • Published by Serif Yenen in December 2012
  • Dimensions (in inches) 24.40 x 34.65 (in centimeters) 62 x 88
  • ISBN 978-605-4541-24-9
  • Illustrations are not imaginary but realistic.
  • Information and practical tips are available on how to explore Istanbul.
  • The main city plan covers the following:
    • Old city
    • Golden Horn
    • Pera and Taksim
    • Bosphorus until the Bosphorus Bridge
    • Shores of the Asian side of Istanbul
  • Other plans at the back of the map:
    • Full Bosphorus map
    • Constantinople during the Byzantine period
    • Istanbul during the Ottoman period
    • Sultanahmet Area
    • Topkapi Palace
    • Simplified public transportation map

Istanbul City Plan Special Sales

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Istanbul City Plan by Serif Yenen
Istanbul City Plan by Serif Yenen

Istanbul City Plan

  1. Istanbul City Plan prepared by Serif Yenen
    • Contains useful information and beautiful visuals
    • Useful for visiting Istanbul
  2. Key Features of Istanbul City Plan
    • Detailed map of Istanbul
    • Highlights major landmarks and attractions
    • Provides information on transportation options
    • Includes recommended itineraries for different interests
    • Indicates popular dining and shopping areas
  3. Benefits of Istanbul City Plan
    • Helps navigate the city efficiently
    • Saves time by providing pre-planned itineraries
    • Enhances the overall visitor experience
    • Enables exploration of hidden gems in Istanbul
    • Facilitates easy access to transportation options
  4. How to Use Istanbul City Plan
    • Study the map to familiarize with the city layout
    • Use the highlighted landmarks as reference points
    • Follow the recommended itineraries for a well-rounded experience
    • Utilize the transportation information for convenient travel
    • Refer to the map for dining and shopping recommendations
  5. Conclusion
    • Istanbul City Plan by Serif Yenen is a valuable resource for visitors
    • Enhances the exploration of Istanbul’s attractionsProvides a comprehensive and visually appealing guide for tourists.

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