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As a Travel Planner, I discover new roads, see new places and gain new information by drawing my own unusual route instead of classical routes.

Cultural Interactions in Istanbul & Turkey by Travel Planner Serif Yenen

Travel Planner“I enjoy helping travelers plan custom itineraries that wander off the beaten path instead of following the well-worn trail of tourist sites. I especially like sharing boutique hotels where I’ve stayed and recommend things to do that aren’t written in guidebooks.

If you are coming to my town Istanbul or anywhere in Turkey, I can provide tons of insider information. In fact, I’m pretty well versed in all things Istanbul, Turkey and Turkish culture. I know well because I have written quite a few guidebooks on Istanbul and Turkey including “Quick Guide Istanbul”, “Quick Guide Pamphlets” on Istanbul and the “Turkish Odyssey, a Cultural Guide to Turkey and Turkish Culture”. You can reach my publications by searching simply my name “Serif Yenen” on the Amazon website. As a tour guide, I’ve obviously been to all the places I’ve written about many many times, and either myself or one of my associates will be happy to take you around in these places.

All travelers are tourists but not all tourists can be travelers. To be a traveler you need to go beyond the regular, mix with locals and immerse into the local culture.” These are my own words and reflect our philosophy on travel.

Our contribution as Travel Planner

It is our role, as interpretive tourist guides to immerse our guests into our local culture; Turkish culture.

While creating opportunities for our guests to have fun meeting local people on personalized itineraries and spontaneous detours, we should not forget about the time factor and neglect the historical and cultural highlights. We can never miss the must-see places. We have to find a nice balance between them.

As Rudyard Kipling says “The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.” Come and join us to smell and taste Istanbul and Turkey.

You simply write me (Travel Planner) and tell me what you have in your mind, and I will soon come up with a suggested personalized itinerary for a private tour with me or one of competent associates.”

Serif Yenen, Turkey Travel Planner (Specialist)

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