Serif Yenen writes interesting articles for magazines such as WFTGA’s “Guidelines Internetion@l”, TUREB’s “Crossroads” and IRO’s “Guide World”.

Publisher of WFTGA's "Guidelines Internetion@l" Magazine

Guidelines Internetion@l Issue 07
Guidelines Internetion@l Issue 08
Guidelines Internetion@l Issue 10

Publisher of TUREB's "Crossroads" Magazine

Crossroads Issue 01, 2003
Crossroads Issue 02, 2003
Crossroads Issue 03, 2004

Publisher of IRO's "Rehber Dünyası" Magazines

Rehber Dünyası, Ekim 2002
Rehber Dünyası, Mart 2003
Rehber Dünyası, Haziran 2003
Rehber Dünyası, Temmuz 2006
Rehber Dünyası, Temmuz 2007
Rehber Dünyası, Ekim 2008
Rehber Dünyası, Ocak 2010