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Culinary Experiences

Culinary experiences: Walking tours, street food tastings, cooking classes, wine history tours, wine tastings and 10-day culinary tours of Turkey.


Join one of our Cultural Workshops

Immerse Yourself in Turkish Local Culture.
Go beyond the ordinary and become a true traveler. Discover the artist within.
Private Workshops are also available upon request.

History of Byzantium Tour with Robin Pierson & Serif Yenen
(22 March – 1 April, 2020)Fully Booked! Waitlist Only!
(20-30 September, 2020) Fully Booked! Waitlist Only!
Robin Pierson, the author of The History of Byzantium podcast and Serif Yenen have put this tour together. You are welcome to join.

Food and Cultural Tour

Food and Cultural Tour of Turkey with Serif Yenen
(1-11 May, 2020) FULLY BOOKED!
We have designed an 11-day luxurious culinary route in Western Turkey and Cappadocia blending good local food, wine tasting, art history, archaeology, gourmet experiences and cooking classes.

Would you like to get a lecture on either Istanbul or Turkey from Serif Yenen?
Serif is a Smithsonian lecturer and he will deliver a lecture that you will choose. Depending on his availability, he can even do it at your place or hotel.
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VIP and Luxury Tours

Pope Benedict XVI, Oprah Winfrey, Princess Michael of Kent, Matt Lauer, Lester Holt and Dr. Zahi Hawass have all chosen Serif for their tours. How about you?

Small Group Walking Tours in Istanbul

Have the benefit of being in a small group and enjoy Istanbul with more privacy and at lower budgets. Come join us.

Serif’s Weekly Video Clips

With his field experience of almost 30 years, Serif, as a travel specialist, is telling about places of Interest in 2-minute video clips. These videos are great. They consist of the most striking facts.

Private Tours

Would you like a private tour with Serif or his team in Istanbul, Ephesus, Cappadocia or anywhere else in Turkey?


Serif’s Upcoming International Lectures

Serif is a speaker who gives comprehensive lectures about Turkey. Take a look at his upcoming lectures, they are fun and very informative, you may like to join one of them…

Who is Serif Yenen?

Would you like to know who Serif is? Click on the video above to see a 3-minute video presentation about Serif and his services.


Buy Serif’s Publications at Amazon

Serif wrote many guidebooks, prepared maps and made films. He does all of these with a field experience of many years as a guide. He knows his audience so well and his publications are so helpful for travellers.


Serif’s Travel Documentary Film

In Serif’s eight-award-winning film, an American woman visits Istanbul, interviewing interesting characters in both popular and out of the way settings, about topics all wondered about.