Small Group Walking Tours

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As an alternative to tailor-made private tours, we also have small-group walking tours. For excellent value for the money, consider joining one of our small-group walking tours. When you join one of these, you still have the benefit of being in a small group.

These small-group tours with maximum twelve participants ensure personalized attention.

These tours are led by either Serif Yenen or experienced and savvy “Serif Yenen” guides, who are all accomplished at guiding small groups.

Culinary $80
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Culinary Experiences

Istanbul is one of the most unique cities in the world, where one can observe diverse daily life in a setting of ancient history and natural beauty. The people of Istanbul are also unique, making up a cultural mosaic of different national, ethnic, cultural and religious origins. This rich international culture is apparent also in cuisines, food and eating styles of Istanbul. See our Culinary Experiences below: